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"Mental rage, uncontrolled, flouting all wisdom told....
Temple scarred to never heal.  I'm the madman at the wheel..I'm just a young man, that's what I am...just a young man." 

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A   B   O   U    T         U   S

Innerface Sounds is dedicated to the promotion of new Artist...With an unprecedented approach at product sales, Innerface Sounds is blazing a new trail in the cyber world for new and promising artists.  

Innerface Sounds, with it's knowledge and experience in e-commerce can help you with your new project...in all aspects of the music industry.  

Our main focus is on-line sales of your works through the use of state-of-the-art e-marketing concepts.

Our site design group can create and maintain your web presence from the initial URL registration to the Creation & Hosting of your site.

Our on-line distribution network will get your project the most exposure on the internet.  Our goal is to make your project a financial success thru CD sales.

Our services include:

URL Registration, Site Design, Site Hosting, CD Replication and Global On-Line E-marketing.

We can help you with Mastering your reference CD to duplication and packaging of your new product.  Our e-commerce services will get you started as an Artist on a level playing field with the majors.

email us for our services and we will get you started. 

Our global on-line approach will get you more exposure than you can imagine.  Keep in mind today's exciting world of the Internet has it's own rhythm and the sooner you get on line the quicker you'll fall into it's groove.

With the widespread availability of cheap and powerful music gear, a massive leisure class, and sizable media coverage, there are now more musicians attempting to get their music out there than ever before in history. For every rock band that there used to be, there are now 4 solo artists. Even the drummer makes cool tracks. There are a lot of really good records and more really crap records coming out than ever before.

What makes the difference in sales and recognition is distribution, promotion, and once those channels have been maneuvered, quality. What alters that sad but classic equation, is all the hungry headz that search for the new sounds, churning up the ground-rules. But these days it would have to be said that distribution and promotion make or break the records.

The old-school 12" underground involved a minimum of media exposure. If the cut was fresh, rocked the floor, your shit blew up. But inevitably there are other factors that determine who hears the record, what distributors it gets picked up by, what stores it arrives in. And that determines who hears the record. If you didn't work the channels, it never arrived at the destination, and then it never even got a chance to be bought. Because of increased competition and basic evolution of the market, these other factors are now more important than they were.

Now its how can you get your record heard above the din. And how can anybody with a fresh sound get the tunnel-visioned jaded industry to give it the chance? The djs play the same stuff because they have less of a chance to mess up in front of people by trying to drop something different. As usual, the audience can handle much more than it is given credit for.

Small and simple labels in house/techno/jungle/etc. usually sell about 1000 copies. 3,000 and up is doing fine. The more established labels sell at least 7,000 on a regular basis. Major labels will give away 10-15,000 12" as promo, and they seek to primarily sell the full length.

It is simply worth stating that the underground scene should be about the music and the scene itself, not about trying to sell records. Good records can get repressed, licensed, CD compiled. One CD compilation can earn more money for your one track than the whole initial EP did. A couple of good DJ bookings can pay more than that.


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